10 Best Blenders for Smoothies of 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews


What is your first-choice blender for smoothies? Super-versatile tools like best blenders can be used for many purposes, including waffles, pancakes, protein shakes, condiments, soups, purée roasted vegetables, and salsa—but the best thing you can make is smoothies.

Nutritious smoothies are excellent sources of fiber and protein to make you fit and healthy. However, not all blenders for smoothies can provide the maximum nutrition level due to the difference in built-in quality. We prefer a user-friendly and constant performer instead of the most powerful one.

Finding a perfect smoothie blender from endless options is often ticklish. After searching and testing more than dozens of smoothie blenders, we have compiled a list of the best blenders for smoothies. We will discuss all pros and cons of each product and help you to find your suitable one. Let’s move on!

Best Blenders For Smoothies And Food Processing





Ninja BL770 

  • High wattage motor

  • Effortless to use

  • High-quality blades

NutriBullet Pro Smoothie Blender

  • solid personal blender

  • sleek design

  • Excellent smoothie quality

 Vitamix 750 Smoothie Blender

  • Automatic shut off feature

  • 2 horsepower motor

  • Professional look

Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies

  • Dual-direction blade technology

  • Extra-wide base for better blending

  • Smart settings technology

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

  • Low price

  • 14 different speeds

  • Dishwasher safe

Best blenders for fruit smoothies

1.Ninja BL770 Smoothie Blender

Ninja BL770 Smoothie Blender


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Ninja BL770 Smoothie Blender is the top pick on our list, and it is known as an all-around blender due to its multiple-purpose usage ability. The blender Ninja includes a 1500-watt powerful motor, which can quickly and smoothly grind or blend any harsh ingredients.

The smoothie blender comes with a 72-ounce huge-sized container to make large quantity smoothies at a time. Plus, it features an extra 64-ounce food processor bowl to scrape food and liquid out of them effortlessly. The sharp blades work perfectly for chopping & mixing —making almond butter or crushing ice like snow is easy-going for this Ninja blender.

On the front panel, you have options to choose four-speed settings to control the blending speed. Additionally, it includes a pulse function to manage your smoothie quality and make it thicker by mixing all ingredients appropriately.

Aside from having a large pitcher, the smoothie blender has two 16-ounce smoothie cups —this inclusion makes it an ideal option for personal use, and you don’t need to pour it another jug. Just make your favorite smoothie and drink it right away. Cleaning is a hassle-free Ninja mixer; you can remove the blades and some parts of the machine to wash it in the dishwasher machine.

The blender comes with many additional attachments to make your blending task easy. However, it will take extra space in your kitchen room to store them—so before planning to purchase it, make sure you have sufficient space in your cooking room.

The downside of this product is that you can’t blend hot liquids since there is no feature to do that. Moreover, the Mega Kitchen doesn’t have any hole at the jar’s top to allow you to drop foods inside the container while blending it.

  • Excellent quality blades to cut precisely
  • Lots of parts
  • Powerful motor to grind hard foods
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 72-ounce pitcher and 64-ounce processor bowl
  • Sturdy built-in quality
  • Not suitable for hot liquids
  • No hole at the top of the lid

2.NutriBullet Pro Smoothie Blender

NutriBullet Pro Smoothie Blender

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NutriBullet Pro Smoothie Blender is the runner-up in our best smoothie blenders list, and the blender is an excellent addition to the Magic Bullet series. It comes with 900 watts strong motor to pulverize various soft or hard foods smoothly and consistently. Also, its blades are made from stainless steel to cut most food items precisely without clogging up.

What we like most about the NutriBullet Pro 900 is its smoothie quality. Making one smoothie at a time is an easy-proven way for this Nutri bullet blender. Plus, this reliable personal blender is made with a simple design for hassle-free operation. For newcomers, the NutriBullet pro 900w will surely an excellent option to consider. With its affordable price, it adds another plus point to purchase it.

The blender has two glass pitchers, and the whole blender unit comes in a compact size to save space in your little cooking room. You will not face much stress to clean it, and the product is suitable to clean in a dishwasher machine. For picky customers, it comes in a variety of colors with a sleek design to suit your needs.

Though the smoothie blender performs pretty well to make quality smoothies, it can’t utilize its 900-watt power. On top of that, it produces high noise while blending ingredients due to small container size—the lid has the possibility to leak since it often gets unscrewed while blending.

  • Simple & intuitive design
  • A perfect option for personal use
  • Blend smoothly yet quickly
  • 900 watts of power
  • Multiple color options
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Quite noisy
  • Only one pulsing speed

3.Vitamix 750 Smoothie Blender

Vitamix 750 Smoothie Blender
Vitamix 750 Smoothie Blender

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The blender for smoothies will not complete until we add a Vitamix blender to our list. The Vitamix 750 Smoothie Blender is a premium choice, a top-rated professional blender, and suitable for various purposes. The way it makes smoothies will surely tackle your mind. In fact, you will give 10 out of 10 for the smoothie quality.

The Vitamix blender comes with a 2.2 peak horsepower motor to efficiently perform any ingredients you put inside the machine. What makes it stand out from other models is the automatic shut-off feature; it will stop working when you operate it for a long time continuously as a protective measure.

What’s more, the blender comes in a wide variety of colors to match your cooking room and professional sleep appearance to get an initial impression. It has a 64-ounce large container, but you can easily store it under almost every counter-top. With the five pre-programmed settings, making different types of textures for smoothies is easy. Also, it features ten variable speeds and a pulse button to control the blending process precisely.

This model’s drawback is that the motor becomes hot after operating a long time —that’s why it gets automatically shut-down. The powerful engine makes a lot of sounds, especially when you crush ice or blend any frozen items. However, the price and built-in quality make it a premium choice on our list.

  • High-quality materials
  • Simple to clean
  • Fast blending speed
  • Big size
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Several functions
  • Expensive option
  • Noisy
  • Motor gets hot quickly

4.Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies

Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies
Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies

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If you are looking for a personal blender for smoothies, you can’t go wrong with the Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies. Whether you want to make smoothies, juice, crushed ice, or puree, it is suitable for all. However, it is best for smoothies because it will not provide equal performance for others.

The Oster blender comes with three programs and 4-speed modes to make the blending job effective. It has a 1200 watt powerful motor with an all-metal drive shaft around it to ensure the motor’s longevity. Plus, if you consider the price tag, it has incredible performance. We found this model is reliable, all-rounder, and user-friendly.

The best thing about this Oster blender is its dual-direction blade technology, which cuts most food equally and provides consistent results for smoothies. Besides, it includes one 48-ounce glass container for making a large batch of smoothies, and it also has a 24-ounce smoothie cup for a single person. The unit has a 10-year warranty for all the metal gears but only a 3-year warranty for all machine accessories.

The smoothie blender is slightly tricky to clean because it takes a few minutes to take it apart from the parts. We found it is best to clean the machine after every time you use it to sustain the good condition. Also, there are no replacement accessories for the device, and it comes with only a single smoothie cup.

  • Single serving cup
  • Affordable price
  • Well built and durable
  • Several speeds and controls
  • No vibration
  • Replaceable blades
  • Louder than other blenders
  • Difficult to clean

5.Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

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If you are looking for the cheapest option in our best blender list, you may want to try the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender. It comes in a low price tag, but the quality is not that much bad at all. The Hamilton blender comes with several excellent features, which you may not find in some premium quality blenders. For instance, the machine has 14 blending speed settings to control your smoothie quality more efficiently.

The blender comes in a compact size to appropriately fit a miniature kitchen. Thanks to its powerful 700-watt motor and it doesn’t make any excessive sound except for pulverizing ice. You will never feel under power using the motor, and it shows consistent results for making various smoothies.

Apart from that, the smoothie blender features a wave-action system to provide consistent results by pulling blend down into the blades—you will not experience any chunky remaining. As for pulse function, the unit comes with double pulse buttons; you can either choose slow or high functions.

As for the negative side, the unit doesn’t come with several options or features.  Probably the most disappointing thing about the product is the push-button function because it is difficult to clean and gets prone to dirt easily. Sometimes food gets jammed at the bottom of the container, which is also hard to clean.

  • Minimal splattering
  • Rigid construction
  • Various speeds and blending options
  • Simple to use
  • Almost silent operation
  • Lots of power to crush
  • Lack of features
  • Push-button function selector

6.Blendtec Designer Smoothie-Blender

Blendtec Designer Smoothie-Blender
Blendtec Designer Smoothie-Blender

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If you want to purchase a smoothie blender for a big family or parties, the Blendtec – Original Designer Series Blender is a perfect option to consider. Its 90-ounce pitcher amazed us the most to make a massive amount of smoothies at a time. Thanks to its fifth side design to prevent foods clogging up at the middle of blending.

The Blendtec blender comes with multiple preset modes and blending speed options to control your smoothie texture precisely. Its built-in quality is indeed something impressive to get your appreciation since most of the parts are made from heavy-duty materials. Aside from that, the main jar/beaker and the additional jar are dishwashers safe for hassle-free cleanup.

The unit comes with a touch-sensitive bar instead of push buttons, which is easy to use and requires less effort to clean quickly. Besides, it features pre-programmed modes to blend a wide variety of ingredients. Though you can’t make hot soups using the blender, you can warm up the soups.

As for the drawback, the blades are quite dull, and they are not powerful enough to precisely cut harsh foods. We found the touch screen control panel is easy to use, but it is pretty sensitive and prone to get damaged after few years of use. The primary pitcher size is quite bulky for a single person.

  • BPA-free plastics
  • Easy to make a large batch of smoothies
  • Touch interface
  • Variable blending cycles
  • Attractive design
  • usability counts
  • Very loud
  • Dull blades

7.KitchenAid Diamond Smoothie Blenders

KitchenAid Diamond Smoothie Blenders
KitchenAid Diamond Smoothie Blenders

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If you are looking for a robust blender without spending much, you may want to try the KitchenAid Diamond Smoothie Blenders. It comes in 22 different colors to fulfill the requirement of picky customers. Beyond making incredible quality smoothies, you can make sauces, soups, and some other easy recipes. Its handy functions make it suitable for both newcomers and experts.

The KitchenAid blender comes with a 1.75-liter plastic jug, which is neither too large nor too small. Therefore, you can make a moderate quantity of smoothies for several people or for yourself to eat several times. On the front panel, there are five soft buttons, and the controls are effortless to use and last longer than other types of switches. The inclusion of a steel-reinforced coupler between the container and the bottom part will surely increase the components’ lifespan.

Moreover, the blender’s base is made from robust quality material to stand firmly in position while blending the machine at full speeds. The container includes embossed measurement markings to help measure the amount of smoothie you want to make, and the markings will not fade away over time. Since the blender has a tall design, you want to store it on a counter-top instead of the cupboard.

Though the plastic is BPA-free, it will not last as much as glass pitchers do. The blades are difficult to take off, and you will need to clean them to avoid cutting your fingers carefully.

  • Clean-Touch control panel
  • Wider pitcher
  • locking base
  • Easy setup
  • Simple design
  • Easy pour with no drips
  • Blades are hard to clean
  • Not best quality plastic

8.COSORI C700-PRO Smoothie-Blender

COSORI C700-PRO Smoothie-Blender
COSORI C700-PRO Smoothie-Blender

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Are you wondering how to find a powerful blender to take any heavy mess? Then, try the COSORI C700-PRO Smoothie-Blender —this blender is one of the most powerful motors in the market. You will never feel down using this COSORI blender since it can give any professional blender tough competition. On top of that, you don’t need to spend $400 to own this premium quality smoothie blender.

The smoothie blender comes in two containers: one is a 64-ounce pitcher to make large quantity smoothies at a time, and the other one is a 27-ounce travel bottle for single-serve. As a result, you can use it for both personal purposes and family purposes. We found that the six premium razor-sharp blades are incredibly durable and powerful enough to cut even the toughest ingredients smoothly.

Apart from that, the smoothie maker includes a variable speed control system to control the quality of your smoothies and their texture. The pulse function allows you to make soup using the preset option, and you need to follow the instruction manual to do it properly. Cleaning the blenders is pretty straightforward, and as a bonus point, it features a cleaning brush to clean hard-to-reach areas.

As for the opposing sides, though the blender has a powerful motor and robust quality blades, it has only one set blade at the bottom. Hence, you may need to push hard foods close to blades to blend them properly. You can’t store it in your cabinet because the tall design will not fit it perfectly.

  • Large pitcher
  • Powerful motor
  • Lower price than similar category blenders
  • Several speed options
  • Soup making function
  • Simple to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Loud even at low setting
  • Not perfect to blend thick ingredients precisely

9.Homgeek Blender Smoothie Blender

Homgeek Blender Smoothie Blender
Homgeek Blender Smoothie Blender


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Homgeek Blender Smoothie Blender is the second most powerful blender on our list. With 1450 watt power, you can blend or grind a wide variety of foodstuffs aside from making a perfect quality smoothie. You can call this blender, “more powerful product with a lower price.” Its strong motor helps the blades spin up to 33000 RPM— a perfect choice for hard food or crushing ice.

With the 68 ounces pitcher, making a large batch of smoothies or other juices is easy-going for this smoothie blender. Plus, the unit contains four pre-programmed controls to create various smoothies and juices with the right textures easily. However, we didn’t notice notable differences for the eight variable speed controls.

As for accessories, the unit contains a 50 recipe cookbook, an instruction manual guide, a tamper, and a rigid dual-part lid. We found the blender is easy to clean, and you can clean it manually and automatically. Also, you are free to wash most parts of the blenders since they are dishwasher safe.

As for the negative sides, we noticed an unpleasant smell while using it initially, and the manufacturing company told us the smell would vanish after a few months of use. Besides, the blender height is 19 inches, which will not easily fit any limited kitchen space. Another essential point you should know that never overfill the container and do not use it continuously for a long time.

  • Enough room under the blades
  • Simple control mechanism
  • large capacity
  • 25,000 rpm spinning power
  • Effortless to clean
  • Spills sometimes
  • Less difference between speeds

10.Jamba 58910 Blender

Jamba 58910 Blender
Jamba 58910 Blender

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Last but not least, the Jamba 58910 Blender is the final pick on our list —though it is not a high-quality product like the top three smoothie blenders, there are still some unique features to deserve in this review. We have tested the blender to make various types of foods, including smoothies, juices, & puree, and it shows reliable results.

On the front panel, there is a knob to control blender speed, and you can increase or decrease the speed at the middle of blending. Additionally, the blender comes with a low-profile 64 ounces container, which is big enough to make larger quantity smoothies, and you can easily store it under the kitchen cabinet due to its convenient design.

Furthermore, the smoothie blender has a 2.4 peak HP motor — it works pretty well for most frozen or hard foods, and you can reach up to 210 mph using the powerful motor. As a result, you get quality smoothies in less time. The jar is made of high-quality materials, which resists shattering, and it is BPA-free. Cleaning is trouble-free —all you need to add some water and a few drops of soaps to blend it and make it super-clean.

The feature-rich blender has excellent positive feedbacks from customers. However, some customers are not happy using the product since it doesn’t provide consistent results for making smoothies. And, they experienced an unpleasant scent coming from the motor after operating it for a long time. Aside from that, the tamper is a little bit short, which can’t fully incorporate all ingredients. While making hot soup, we noticed some soup liquids leak through the lid.

  • Manual and automatic pulse
  • Versatile blender
  • Well construction
  • Simple to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Slightly shorter tamper
  • Soup often leaks through the lid

How to Choose a Blender for Smoothies

You want to consider many crucial points before purchasing the best blender for smoothies.

Motor Quality and Speed

The first and foremost thing you want to consider is how powerful the motor is. Can it grind or blend hard foods, frozen fruits, and ice smoothly without stopping at the middle point? Look for blenders with high watt power; the more wattage power it has, the more powerful it will be.

Adjustable Speeds

Some foods need slow speed to blend, while others require high speed. If the blender you pick has various speed settings, you can control it efficiently to retain the maximum nutritional value.

Pulse Function

Many blenders include pulse function to control the blending process more precisely. With this feature, you have multiple options to get different results for different foods.

Container Size

The size of the jar or container is another crucial thing you want to consider. When you want to make large quantity smoothies, it is best to pick a big container. Small pitcher size will not allow you to create a big batch of smoothies at a time —you will have to empty the container several times to do it. It is preferable to pick at least a 32-ounces of a pitcher or larger size.

Glass vs. Plastic

Some essential points you want to consider before choosing between glass vs. plastic.

  • Plastic: A higher percentage of blenders are made from plastics. Both expensive and cheap quality plastics are available for blenders. Polycarbonate plastics are lower in price, while Copolyester plastics are costly. Plastics jars are lightweight but may crack or break after few years.
  • Glass: Glasses are heavier than plastic, but they are easy to clean. Also, they can break down any time or shatter.


Blenders, made from premium quality materials, can take heavy messes and last for years even after heavy use.

Cleaning Power

Everyone wants the best blenders for smoothies, which have specific and smooth cleanup features. When blades and other internal parts removable, it becomes handy to clean them properly.


Are ordinary blenders and smoothie blenders the same?

With standard blenders, you can use them for various purposes aside from smoothie making. But smoothie blenders are purposely made for making high-quality smoothies.

Can I use a smoothie blender as a food processor?

A food processor is the best option to make a large number of various foods. But you can use a smoothie blender as a food processor occasionally.

Can you make juice in smoothie blenders?

Vitamix blenders or juicers are the best choices to make juice (You can look over our Best Vitamix Blenders review to find your preferred one). Different machines are suitable for different purposes, and smoothie blenders will not provide as much accurate result as juicers will do.

Can I blend soups in a smoothie blender?

Not all smoothie blenders will allow you to make hot soup. The blender you pick needs to have this feature to allow you to blend soups.

Are higher Watts better for smoothie blenders?

Powerful blenders have more wattage power to grind or blend harsh ingredients smoothly and allow you to make crunch-free smoothies.


Which product have you already decided to purchase from our best blenders for smoothies list?

If you are looking for the best overall blender on our list, we will highly recommend picking the Ninja BL770 Smoothie Blender —it comes at an affordable price, robust quality motor, and some unique features & accessories.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a single-serve blender without compromising the quality, you can choose the NutriBullet Pro Smoothie Blender. The blender is the best value for the money in our list regarding quality, durability, powerful motor, and consistent performance. (If you want to make high-quality smoothies, don’t hesitate to visit our best blenders for smoothies list).

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