A smoothie sounds like an excellent breakfast, but it costs the same as a fancy coffee! It is the perfect time to make restaurant-style smoothies at your own residence. However, upon searching the internet, you fear worrying about finding a lower-priced blender.

A hundreds of dollars blender will merely have better-tasting smoothies than a pocket-friendly blender. For this reason, we selected some of the best blenders under $50.

Three crucial points you should consider while looking for the best blender under $50: reliability, power, and what you plan to blend mostly. Apart from that, it must have user-friendly functions, smooth operation and also meet your needs completely.

In this post, we will review the best blenders under $50. Just read the article to find your best suitable option.

Best Blenders under $50





Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

  • 14 Functions

  • 700-watt motor

  • 40-ounce glass jar

Magic Bullet MBR-1101 Blender

  • Compact & smart design

  • 11 pieces of a set

  • 250 watts high-torque power

 Hamilton Beach 800W Blender

  • 20 oz. Blender jar

  • 800-wattage motor power

  •  Stainless steel blades

Ninja BL456 Blenders

  •  Optimized 900-watt motor

  •  Durable and BPA-free plastic cups

  • Comes is a compact size for easy storage in small kitchens

NutriBullet Original NBR-1201 Blender 600-Watts

  •  Effortless to use

  • 600-watt motor

  • Hassle-free clean for dishwasher safe cups

5 Best Blenders under $50

1. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Attempting to do multiple jobs and succeeding is an unusual feat for most kitchen appliances. But the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender showed reliable results for blending a wide array of ingredients.

As for the functionality of this blender, it comes with 14 functions. So, the tool can handle blending needs of all kinds. Making amazing smoothies and other recipes at home with this kitchen tool is so easy!

Furthermore, chops become more evenly distributed with two pulse settings. Just because it has 700-watt motor power doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t crush or chop ice at all. Actually, it can.

But the results are not as same as the company claimed because some users complained about it. The top of the ice container had to be opened, and the ice shoved down, then the lid was put on. However, it still does the job.

Most blenders don’t have any unique design to pour juices or smoothies easily on the glass without messing around. Thankfully, to minimize spills, the Hamilton blender has a pour spout designed to make pouring easier.

Additionally, it contains a 40-ounce glass jar. Thermal shock testing was performed on the 40-ounce glass jar to ensure that it can stand up to extreme temperature changes.

Keeping the Hamilton blender clean is a breeze as it features a self-cleaning button. Nevertheless, you need to monitor still while cleaning. If you fill the container up too much, then it will overflow.

We have tried several blenders and found this unit one of the quietest ones. Whether the vent and spout are closed or open, the lid does not snap securely on. The warranty is also three years, which guarantees durability.

  • No existence of burning motor smell
  • Simple cleanup
  • Plenty of power
  • Reasonable price
  • Minimal splattering
  • Well constructed
  • Not the best quality ice chopping
  • Tricky lid

2.Magic Bullet MBR-1101 Blender

magic bullet
magic bullet

It feels incomplete for kitchen appliances without adding magic bullet blenders. Featuring 11 pieces, this handy kitchen helper includes three multi-functional cups, lids, blades, recipe book, and so forth.

Using this compact blender, you can make your own-style smoothies at home every day. Neither leafy greens nor ice are magic bullet’s strong points, but they can be processed if you are careful.

Though the unit is marketed as a mini food processor, some users have complained it struggles to hand these tasks, unlike other top-quality products.

From its name, it is easy to guess that the unit is designed to blend and clean up quickly. Although it is not super powerful, this kitchen gadget is a tremendous bargain for its price. In fact, this blender is much better in quality than average cheap blenders.

Conveniently, you can replace the cups and blades of this blender. That gives a plus point to own it apart from being a low-priced option.

However, remember it is not a great pick if you wanted an all-purpose blender. But one thing is pretty straightforward; it is master of making any shakes or smoothies. When you want to make puree soft solid foods, you can take advantage of this unit.

In addition, the device has been thoughtfully designed for effortless use and hassle-free clean.

Blending frozen items or ice cubes is not the right job of this Magic Bullet blender. However, you can blend a few pieces of cubes with some soft ingredients to make drinks or smoothies. Monitor the device while blending and give it a break to avoid burning the motor.

What’s more, the blades could be made with better materials. Due to their low quality, they are like to wobble during circular movements.

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Power-efficient
  • Perfect for smoothies and drinks
  • Single serving size cups
  • Little motor power
  • A little bit noisy

3.Hamilton Beach 800W Blender

Hamilton Beach 800W Blender
Hamilton Beach 800W Blender

Here we picked another Hamilton Beach blender, which has 800-wattage motor power. With its ample power, you can blend different types of foods quickly and nicely.

You can make big batches of smoothies with the bottle since it holds 20 ounces. However, an extra bottle would be helpful to use for other purposes.

Thanks to its compact size, it makes the storage task easier to fit on your kitchen countertop.

Blenders at low prices are thought to degrade in quality if they are used heavily every day. That’s where the Hamilton Beach blender comes to play. It hasn’t proved problematic for many users even after they have used it once or twice for several months.

As for the blending results, most users gave positive for using the blender. However, some of them complained there are sticky residues in the blender from the protein shakes.

As for the functionality, the unit is simple to use, even for beginners. Hence, if you are looking for a user-friendly blender with a limited budget, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

The unit comes with only two buttons and a one-speed setting. It is a purposely designed smoothie machine, so the company did not tack on a bunch of other settings. However, you need to shake the jar multiple times whenever you are using it. In this regard, having an additional speed setting would be better.

Furthermore, the unit features a noise shield, which works as a noise reducer while blending. Although not as quiet as we had expected, you still find the unit relatively quiet. But still, it doesn’t compromise the performance and effectiveness of the blender.

  • Decent motor power
  • Features pulse or blend options
  • Great for smoothies and shakes
  • An ideal jar size for travel and camping
  • Requires easy cleanup
  • Not 100% quiet
  • Not dishwasher safe


4.Ninja BL456 Blenders

Ninja BL456 Blenders
Ninja BL456 Blenders

Let’s move to another high-quality product named Ninja BL456 Blenders —you can count it as the best value of money on our list. The unit comes at an affordable price, yet it has a powerful motor with a 900-watt motor. Many customers find similarities between this Ninja blender and some bullet blenders. It comes with excellent functionality, a compact design to save space, and high portability for easy carry.

We like its sturdy built-in quality because most Ninja blenders have a limited lifespan, even they sometimes expire before their warranty. But it will not happen for this model —that’s why it is one of the best picks on our review list. What’s more, it comes with small-sized cups for personal use, and the beast will not show any leakage issue even after using it heavily.

The 900-watt motor is powerful enough to cut a wide range of foods, including dressings, sauces, dips, cocktails, etc. We used some blender-friendly recipes to see the blender performance, and we found it works well for liquid-based foods. Plus, making quality smoothies from frozen fruits and ice cubes is easy-going for this powerful beast.

Every product has some limitation; so do this unit. The Ninja blender doesn’t come with any power on/off switch. Instead, it includes an Automatic 60-second cut-off to stop the machine after 60 seconds automatically. We have also tested it to cut vegetable items, and it showed uneven cuts for them. Though the cups’ sizes are not pretty big, you can use them for two people easily.

  • Automatic 60-second cutoff
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe plastic
  • No leaking issues
  • High durability
  • User-friendly lids
  • Small size cups
  • Not suitable for vegetable cutting
  • Only one color

5.NutriBullet Original NBR-1201 Blender 600-Watts

NutriBullet Original NBR-1201 Blender 600-Watts


This model is a basic type of blender for doing everyday household tasks. It comes with 600 watts motor, and it is powerful enough to crush ice easily. Not only that, you can grind herbs, seeds, coffee, spices, and so forth. The grinding task is hassle-free. All you need to toss everything inside the container, and it will give blend all the ingredients smoothly and quickly.

This unit’s blade has a mid-range quality, and its sharpness will diminish after a few months of use. Hence, you will have to replace it. The blender’s cups or jugs are made from cheap quality plastic, and they don’t seem to last more than one year for regular using capacity.

Though this model can grind ice, it can’t blend as precisely as soft ingredients. You may notice that stiff or frozen type foods will come out as clumpy. Blending simple and smooth foodstuffs is easy-going for this unit. With this mid-range motor, you can easily blend dry ingredients like high-powered motors.

The best striking point about this model is its excellent performance to grind dry ingredients. It doesn’t even need any water to make smoothies easily. As a result, you can easily blend fresh species of coffee beans without clogging up in the middle of the blending.

The cleaning task of this unit is trouble-free, and you can do it quickly with fewer efforts. You can soak the cups for up to 5 minutes to get over stains from their plastic surface. If you want a moderate type blend without spending too much money, then it is one of the best blenders for smoothies in our best nutribullet blender review.

  • Comes at a low price
  • Can grind herbs, seeds, and spices
  • Includes a recipe book
  • Effortless to use
  • High portability to carry while traveling
  • Hassle-free clean for dishwasher safe cups
  • Has cheap quality plastic inside the motor
  • Makes noise while operating

Buying Guide

No matter how powerful the blender is, if a single serving blender doesn’t meet your needs adequately, it will be of no use. To fulfill such a task, it must possess specific features that enable it to function smoothly.


Single serving blenders require speed no matter what their purpose, and that includes blending. If you are making a choice, you should choose a blender with high-speed operation.


Personal blenders with improved strength lead to greater efficiency. Choosing a blender that meets this demand would, therefore, be of great importance to you.

Price Tag

Most people place importance on the price tag when purchasing anything in this world. The price of blenders near you should be compared to how much you’re capable of paying. Premium price points may not guarantee high quality all the time. So be careful not to let low prices keep you from getting a quality blender at an attractive price.

Power Efficiency

Using a blender consumes energy. Try to choose a power-saving model, which doesn’t overheat too. It will allow you to control energy consumption while meeting your needs concurrently.

Blending Power

Decide first on the main ingredients you intend to blend. A low-priced blender will work fine when blending soft ingredients, such as vegetables and fruits (without ice).

Under $50, blenders typically do not feature motors of more than 1,000 watts. However, you can still get some respectable 700 watts with which you can blend quite well.

Easy to clean

Whether you choose a high-priced or low-priced blend, it should be easy to clean. Dishwasher safe would be the priority, or the cleaning process should be simply a matter of swishing it in soapy water and warm water.


Many affordable models offer a decent lifespan at a fair price —all you have to do is look for them. But you should ensure that they are appropriately cared for. The blenders we reviewed are suitable for everyday use, and they can last even several months even after heavy use.

 Other features

Apart from all these, you need also to consider other things such as pulse buttons, glass or plastic blenders, hot or cold liquids, warranty and parts, extra accessories, etc.


Are glass or plastic blenders better?

Glass blenders are more durable than plastic. As opposed to plastic jars, they do not discolor, scratch, or absorb food odors. In addition, glass jars are more prone to breakage if dropped, so they tend not to last as long as plastic jars.

For a low-cost blender, what warranty period is recommended?

A longer warranty period is always best for blenders. Manufacturers who offer warranties of less than a year should be avoided.

Which type of blades are good food blenders?

Blades made from stainless steel are robust and sharp, so they can readily cut through ingredients.

How well does a blender under $50 work for blending hot drinks?

It is okay to blend liquids if they are less than 100 degrees Celsius and not run for an extended period.

What is the difference between a blender and a food processer?

In the simplest sense, a food processor is a device for dicing and pureeing veggies and fruits. But they cannot essentially crush, grind, or mix.


A lot of choices are available around us. Finding the right option is your responsibility. And, our responsibility is to show ways so that you can choose the appropriate kitchen appliance.

From these three blenders, we take the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender as our blue-eyed boy. If you are preparing for a small group or just yourself, your expectations will undoubtedly be met with this model. As a bonus point, you can use this multipurpose blender as a food processor.

But, that doesn’t imply the other two choices are inferior. Each blender excels in its particular way. Simply find out what is most important to you and pick one. Hopefully, you have found the best blender under $50 from our review session. Thanks for reading!

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