Best High-speed Blenders for Vegans Cooking


Is veganism your way of life? Looking for a purpose-made blender, especially one that’s great for vegetarians?

A decent-quality blender is a must if you are planning to follow a plant-based diet. Wondering about the reason? Well, you need to do a bunch of food preparation to make a wide array of vegetable-based recipes. Plus, you need a High performer and flexible blender to blend soft and hard ingredients super easily.

You may be thinking Nutribullet or Blendtec or Ninja or Vitamix. Right? Getting the best blender for vegans is a tough job as there are countless options to choose from. High performance, compatibility, and decent blending power are a must when you are looking for the best blender for vegans.

No worries, we got your back as we have come up with some especial blenders —all you need to go through our best vegan blender review session to find your ultimate option. Let’s jump in!

Best Blender For Vegans:





Ninja BL770 

  • High wattage motor

  • Effortless to use

  • High-quality blades

Vitamix 1782 Blender

  • Professional quality motor

  • Strong construction

  • Newly design blender

Blendtec Total Classic Blender

  • 10-speed settings

  • 1,560 watts of power

  • Hassle-free clean

Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies

  • Dual-direction blade technology

  • Extra-wide base for better blending

  • Smart settings technology

Breville BBL620 Juicer Blender

  • Automatic cleaning

  • LCD timer

  • Multiples speeds and cycles

Best high speed blender for vegans

1.Ninja BL770 Blender

Ninja BL770 Blender

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Let’s begin our review session with the Ninja BL770 Blender, an excellent pick on our list. This top-favorite blender is a perfect option for juicing; its reasonable price makes it an all-in-one choice as the best blender for multiple functions.

Whether you want to make juices, purees, or smoothies, the machine can take all the messes. Its powerful 1,500-watt motor can grind, blend, or crush various items effortlessly and quickly. The whole package includes two 16-ounces small containers for single-serve, one 72-ounces large container for making big batches of foods, and a 64-ounce food processor bowl to make various handy recipes. Also, it features sharp and removable blades, which you can use for several purposes, including blending, crushing, chopping, and so forth.

Simple yet modern design, Ninja BL770 comes with a five-button interface, which is easy to use even for beginners. Aside from that, it contains a dedicated single-serve button, which is convenient to use. The cup size container allows you to make small batches of juice shortly with less time. Additionally, chopping is hassle-free and convenient for this blender because it has an eight-cup food processor bowl.

Not only this, the blender includes a locking lid, a wonderful addition to preventing liquids from spreading out. Plus, the blender machine features a suction cup at the bottom of the blenders to keep the device in position while blending at high speed. The reliability of the machine parts impressed us the most; even after blending several days heavily, it showed consistent performance for most ingredients.

Though you can’t use the machine to make hot soups, you can put warm liquids on them. The blades of the blenders are pretty sharp like razors, and you need to be careful while cleaning them. Plastic containers may show cracking issues for using heavily daily. The one-year warranty is only suitable for the motor; not other parts. On top of that, you need to pay additional money for shipping costs.

  • Robust construction
  • Easy to use
  • Enough power
  • 2 smoothies cups
  • Easy cleanup
  • Needs large place to store
  • Not suitable for making hot liquids

2.Oster Pro 1200 Juice Blender

Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies
Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies

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Do you want to make high-quality smoothies along with juices? Then, you may want to try the Oster Pro 1200 Juice Blender, which is an excellent option to make tasty and fresh juices. Affordable options don’t have several additional features, but the Oster Pro 1200 is an entirely different one.

It comes with a sophisticated and lightweight design to provide high portability. Thanks to its advanced functions to include three pre-program settings. Whether you want to make the smoothest smoothies or spicy tomato salsa or milkshake, this superior blender is ready to serve you in all ways. All you need to put your favorite item inside the blender and choose the correct speed for getting started! As for blades, they feature dual-direction blade technology to provide optimal power for blending and grinding. Also, the blades are larger than the old version of Oster models, which makes blending tasks easy.

The box of this model includes a 24-ounce smoothie cup for single-serve as a handy travel mug and a 48-ounce glass pitcher to make a large batch of smoothies or juices. As for the motor, it has 1200 watts powerful motor to show incredible blending power even for the toughest ingredients. Unlike some models, the unit is suitable to use for hot liquids. Make sure to use low speed and not fill the container. The machine contains handy blue LED light, which lets users know whether the blender is geared up or not.

We have tested a variety of fruits and vegetables to measure this unit’s quality, and we found it works impressively well for seeds & green produce. However, the sharp and quick blades are not as much durable as we expected—it makes a lot of sounds too. Aside from that, it may show leakage issues if you failed to fit it perfectly.

  • Dual direction blade technology
  • 7 speeds settings
  • 10-year warranty
  • 50% larger blade system
  • fits in perfectly in most kitchen
  • Quite loud
  • Not the best quality blades

3.Vitamix 1782 Blender

Vitamix 1782 Blender
Vitamix 1782 Blender

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Vitamix blenders need no introduction, especially for their crazy fans. If you are after a top-notch quality blender, then the Vitamix 1782 Blender might be your ultimate option. We can’t deny that it is an expensive option, unlike other pocket-friendly blenders, but its great price gives you what you pay.

The first impressive thing about this blender is its 2-peak horsepower motor, a professional-quality motor that provides restaurant-style results. Whether you want to crush ice like snow or blend frozen fruits smoothly, the Vitamix 1782 Blender can show reliable blending power for most items. We found the machine doesn’t generate any heat while blending ingredients; hence you get the maximum nutritional value from the things you blend. As for durability, it can last several years easily even after using it heavily every day.

The blender is a little bit heavy due to the robust motor. Additionally, it comes with a 64-ounce container to make a sufficient amount of juice or smoothies at a time. Therefore, if you want to drink juices or smoothies several times a day, make a big batch of drinks and enjoy drinking throughout the day. Besides, the blender contains a lockable lid to keep the ingredients safely inside the container. The inclusion of a tamper tool helps to blend thick items precisely without showing any chunk in the bottom.

Though the blender is loud, it is comparatively less noisy than other blenders. On top of that, the blender is slightly larger than other units. If you have a small kitchen, you may struggle to find a suitable storage place. The Vitamix 1782 only comes with two-speed options, which may not precisely work for the items that need moderate speeds.

  • Sturdy blades
  • 64-ounce classic container
  • Simple high & low control
  • Heat-free powerful motor
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Large size
  • Only two-speed options

4.Blendtec Total Classic Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Blender
Blendtec Total Classic Blender

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Let’s try a unique blender named Blendtec Total Classic Blender, which has many useful features and improves design than older models. This premium blender is another expensive option in our best blenders for juicing list. The blender is appropriate to use for several purposes, including juices, milkshakes, smoothies, protein shakes, hot liquids, and much more.

As for the features, the blender includes several pre-programmed cycles to aid in doing the most common tasks. This multi-functional machine comes in relatively lightweight, weighs only 7.28 pounds. It is a perfect addition for any average home cook since it comes with user-friendly functions. If you have a small family with 3-4 members, you may try this unit.

What’s more, the ten variable speeds allow users to use different speeds for different ingredients and achieve precise results for most foods. We forgot to mention its 1,560-watt motor, which has excellent blending power to blend hard foods smoothly. The stainless steel blades are dull by appearance to protect them while mixing.

Apart from that, the blending machine features a LED display to let users know the amount of time left for the cycle you’ve chosen. You should clean the blender after every use to ensure a high lifespan though it is not mandatory. Cleaning the machine takes only less than one minute when you wash it manually —you can also clean it via the dishwasher machine by placing it at the top rack. Also, it comes with an eight-year limited warranty to ensure reliable service.

As for the drawback of this model, its plastics parts are not strong enough for heavy use. Plus, it is quite loud at the highest speed.

  • Blends precisely
  • Excellent cycle buttons
  • Easy to read on-display screen
  • Several presets and speeds
  • Automatic clean-up system
  • 8-year warranty
  • A pricey option
  • Not attractive design

5.Breville BBL620 Juicer Blender

Breville BBL620 Juicer Blender
Breville BBL620 Juicer Blender

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Are you looking for a blender, which can show frantic blending actions? Then look no further than the Breville BBL620 Juicer Blender. Making fresh juices with this powerful blender is easy-going and mess-free. Its affordable price doesn’t limit numerous features to tackle your mind at first glance.

This mid-range model is perfect for making a wide variety of drinks, recipes, juices, smoothies, and much more. What makes it unique from other blenders is its 1100-watt motor with its pricing-wise option. Therefore, people who don’t dig their bank balance but want a decent quality motor may try this option. We have tested various recipes, including baby food, salad dressing, nut milk, nut butter, frozen desserts, etc. It showed impressive results for most items but not the best results.

Furthermore, this model’s usability is up to the mark because it features a simple control system. The model comes with 5-speed buttons, which are appropriate for a variety of purposes, including chopping, mixing, blending, and so on. Thanks to its professional quality stainless steel blades, which mix, blend, or chop everything evenly without any chunky items left.

Besides, a built-in LCD timer lets users know how much time for a particular blending. The blender will automatically stop after 60 seconds when you choose the manual speed. Plus, the unit comes with a self-cleaning function to clean it automatically; but it is also dishwasher safe.

As for the downside of this blender, we didn’t like its tight lid, which is hard to get off. Also, the plastic components are not highly durable to last several years for heavy use. The manufacturing company offers only a one-year limited warranty.

  • Sharp & sturdy blades
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Almost quiet blending
  • Stylish design
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Tight lid
  • Less durable plastics

6.Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Juicing Blender

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Juicing Blender
Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Juicing Blender

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Like other Cuisinart appliances, Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Juicing Blender is an excellent blender to make high-quality juices. Low cost, simple design, and moderate functionality are three main attributes to define this model. Since it comes at a low-cost option, so don’t expect too much from this blender.

The unit comes with several accessories, including a 32-ounce BPA-free plastic container, an 8- ounces chopper cup, a 16- ounces single-wall travel cup, a 16- ounces double-wall travel cup, and four reusable silicone straws. The unit includes a 600-watt motor, which is appropriate for soft foods. Its blending capability isn’t as dreadful as you think.  Plus, you can easily use this blender to make juices, smoothies, baby food, and milkshakes. We found it makes incredible quality smoothies, and we liked it the most. It only doesn’t work efficiently for harsh ingredients for large quantities.

For example, if you want to make almond milk or nut butter, make sure you mix some liquids with them and keep the quantity relatively small. Otherwise, you may experience clogging up issues at the midpoint of blending sessions. Though the blender jars are made from Tritan plastics, they are not highly durable to last several years after heavy use. However, all the pitchers and cups are dishwasher safe.

Furthermore, the large pitcher is appropriate for serving four people easily. It is a great option to consider as a low-cost option, but it doesn’t allow you to juice in large quantities. Aside from that, the blades are removable but sometimes to screw them off. The manufacturing company provides a three-year limited warranty, but they will charge a high shipping cost for that.

  • Affordable option
  • Lots of accessories
  • Only 6.5 pounds weight
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe plastics
  • Makes quality smoothies and juices
  • Requires liquid to blender hard foods
  • Moderate quality motor

7.SharkNinja BL641 Food Blender

SharkNinja BL641 Food Blender
SharkNinja BL641 Food Blender

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Are you looking for a convenient option along with some smart features? Then, you may want to try the SharkNinja Auto-iQ Blender, and the machine is incredibly easy to operate. All you need to toss your favorite ingredients inside the blender container, start the machine, wait for a few minutes, and it will be ready to serve.

The blender weighs 10.1 pounds, comes in lightweight than other models. The pitcher that comes with this model is big enough in terms of size, and so you don’t need to repeatedly blend if you want more juices and/or smoothies. It has appropriate durability to handle frequent usage. Aside from that, the blender includes two handy travel cups for single-serve: one is 32-ounce and the other one 24-ounce. Hence, if you don’t have time in the early morning, just make a small batch of juice or smoothie with these convenient cups.

Furthermore, the SharkNinja includes some smart features like Auto-IQ technology. You don’t need to randomly select a time for the recipe you want to make. Instead, you switch on the blender, and it automatically suggests a timer via its intelligent blending programs. Not only this, you can control the consistency and texture of your juices or smoothies using the touch button.

The unit comes with a 1300-watt strong motor to complement the pitcher design. Making big batches of juices or smoothies consistently and smoothly is easy-going for this model. Thanks to its uniquely designed blade to show reliable cutting and blending ability without clogging up at the middle.

  • 72-ounces pitcher
  • 1300-watts motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple design
  • Smart programs
  • two handy travel cups
  • Heavier
  • Costly choice

As for the negative side, it isn’t quiet but at a tolerant level. The mixer is heavier than other models; you need to be careful while carrying from one place to another since it has less portability. Plus, it is an expensive option, and people who want traditional blenders may not like this unit that much.

8.Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender
Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

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Sometimes, a glass of cold water will not eliminate your thirstiness on hot summer days. You need icy drinks or cold juices to relax. That’s why Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is arguably one of the finest blenders in the market to blend frozen fruits precisely and crush ices competently. It features a powerful motor and blades, which can cut and blend challenging items smoothly.

Thanks to its specially designed pitcher, and it can turn ice into snow within a few seconds. All you need to put your desired ingredients inside the container, and it will show up remarkable performance along with high-quality juices or smoothies. For result-oriented people, it is undoubtedly an excellent option to consider.

Besides, the 1100-watt motor is one of the main impressive things about this blender. Because of its robust motor, you can make icy drinks seamlessly without getting stuck in the middle. You don’t need to worry about coming off any heavy stuff from the top as it has a locking top to prevent it.

We found the blender requires simple clean-up, especially for e single-serve cups.

As for this blender’s issue, this blender’s noise is relatively high at the maximum point. However, we are more concerned about how long-lasting the product will. Though it features plastic bearings to keep it in a firm position while blending, it seems to wear down faster. Also, it is quite taller than other blenders, which doesn’t allow you to keep it under kitchen cabinets.

You will get quality juices and smoothies for sure, but don’t be amazed if you need to replace any parts within a few months of use.

  • Removable blades
  • Effortless to swap and clean
  • Perfect for making icy drinks
  • Suction cup feet
  • No big hunks
  • Tall
  • Less durable plastics

9.Jamba Appliances Blender

Jamba Appliances Blender

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Are you looking for an attractive yet compact blender? Jamba Appliances Blender is a rich feature blender with a low-profile design to fit perfectly under cabinets on your countertop.

The unit comes with a large 64-ounces pitcher to allow users to easily make big batches of frozen drinks, juices, smoothies, and so forth. You can measure the amount you want to blend using reader-friendly measurement markings. Thanks to its powerful 1,400 watts motor, you can reach up to 210 miles per hour to shorten your blending session. More blending power requires less blending time!

What’s more, the Jamba blender features four preprogrammed settings to make a wide variety of recipes. If you are a newbie, you can follow the recipe book, which includes more than 150 recipes. It also comes with a pulse function to retain consistency and control the texture of blends. Another plus point of this unit is that it has an 8-year warrant to ensure quality service for a prolonged time.

As for the drawback, the unit is relatively heavier than other blenders in the market. If you want high portability to carry around, it may not be the right option for you. Plus, the replacement parts are difficult to find since it doesn’t come with a standard size. It is a costly blender too in our list, which may not be a good option if you prefer to own a pocket-friendly one.

  • 4 program settings
  • Pulse function
  • 2.4 peak HP motor
  • Low-profile design
  • 8-year warranty
  • Fairly heavy
  • Less durable lid plastic

10.Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender


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If you are looking for the cheapest option in our best blender list, you may want to try the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender. It comes in a low price tag, but the quality is not that much bad at all. The Hamilton blender comes with several excellent features, which you may not find in some premium quality blenders. For instance, the machine has 14 blending speed settings to control your smoothie quality more efficiently.

The blender comes in a compact size to appropriately fit a miniature kitchen. Thanks to its powerful 700-watt motor and it doesn’t make any excessive sound except for pulverizing ice. You will never feel under power using the motor, and it shows consistent results for making various smoothies.

Apart from that, the smoothie blender features a wave-action system to provide consistent results by pulling blend down into the blades—you will not experience any chunky remaining. As for pulse function, the unit comes with double pulse buttons; you can either choose slow or high functions.

As for the negative side, the unit doesn’t come with several options or features.  Probably the most disappointing thing about the product is the push-button function because it is difficult to clean and gets prone to dirt easily. Sometimes food gets jammed at the bottom of the container, which is also hard to clean.

  • Minimal splattering
  • Rigid construction
  • Various speeds and blending options
  • Simple to use
  • Almost silent operation
  • Lots of power to crush
  • Lack of features
  • Push-button function selector


Buyer’s Guide for Best Blender For Vegans

You want to consider many crucial points before purchasing the best blender for smoothies.

Motor Quality and Speed

The first and foremost thing you want to consider is how powerful the motor is. Can it grind or blend hard foods, frozen fruits, and ice smoothly without stopping at the middle point? Look for blenders with high watt power; the more wattage power it has, the more powerful it will be.

Adjustable Speeds

Some foods need slow speed to blend, while others require high speed. If the blender you pick has various speed settings, you can control it efficiently to retain the maximum nutritional value.

Pulse Function

Many blenders include pulse function to control the blending process more precisely. With this feature, you have multiple options to get different results for different foods.

Container Size

The size of the jar or container is another crucial thing you want to consider. When you want to make large quantity smoothies, it is best to pick a big container. Small pitcher size will not allow you to create a big batch of smoothies at a time —you will have to empty the container several times to do it. It is preferable to pick at least a 32-ounces of a pitcher or larger size.

Glass vs. Plastic

Some essential points you want to consider before choosing between glass vs. plastic.

  • Plastic: A higher percentage of blenders are made from plastics. Both expensive and cheap quality plastics are available for blenders. Polycarbonate plastics are lower in price, while Copolyester plastics are costly. Plastics jars are lightweight but may crack or break after few years.
  • Glass: Glasses are heavier than plastic, but they are easy to clean. Also, they can break down any time or shatter.


Blenders, made from premium quality materials, can take heavy messes and last for years even after heavy use.

Cleaning Power

Everyone wants the best blenders for smoothies, which have specific and smooth cleanup features. When blades and other internal parts are removable, it becomes handy to clean them properly.


How many years a Ninja Blender last?

Most Ninja blenders have a one-year limited warranty, and they can last more if you take care of them properly.

Are Vitamix blenders quieter than Ninja blenders?

Ninja blenders contain more blades than Vitamix blenders; that’s why Vitamix blenders are quieter than Ninja (You can check our Best Vitamix Blenders list to find your suitable one). 


The investments you make in your life are important. Therefore, it is essential to go through each option carefully before picking your preferred option.

With the help of the above buying guide, you will never have to worry about finding the right blender for your vegan diet. Make a list, compare them, and shortlist only the ones that perform well. Each of the blenders we have chosen is quick, easy, and convenient to use, and they make tasty, and nutritious plant-based recipes to keep you healthy.

Make sure you pick the perfect one depending on your kitchen size. Blend your favorite smoothies within a few seconds. With the perfect set of blenders in your kitchen, you are sure to make daily smoothies whenever you can.

This review session already covered all the information you need to make a smart decision on the best blender for vegans. It has a good price but is more functional and feature value to deserve in our list Best Blenders For Smoothies.


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