Can I Make A Smoothie In A Food Processor


Smoothies come in various types, and it is an uphill task to buy several blenders for them. Are you feeling disturbed as you don’t have the right equipment for making smoothies? What kitchen appliance you have for making it? Food processor?

 Can I make a smoothie in a food processor? The quick and straightforward answer is YES. But the approach you should take needs to be different, unlike you do for a blender. Additionally, you will add ingredients one by one instead of adding all of them together. However, you will still become successful in making smoothies using a food processor.

In this post, we will mention how to make smoothies using a food processor and share some tips to make better smoothies.

What is a Food Processor?

Food processors are typically used for hand-operated tasks such as mixing dough, shredding, or even chopping. So, due to their built-in quality, you can use it for multi-purpose.

You can mix or process a big batch of food at a time as it has a bowl-shaped design. They include removable blades, which you can replace. The blades have a jagged edge, allowing you to cut different ingredients smoothly.

Can I Make A Smoothie In A Food Processor?

Can I Make A Smoothie In A Food Processor
Can I Make A Smoothie In A Food Processor

Who won’t love to enjoy a tasty, healthy, and nutritional-based smoothie? All you need a perfect gear to make it.

No other tools are as handy as a blender for making smoothies. But this is not to say you will stop yourself from making smoothies if you don’t have a blender.

When you know the correct method, you can make smoothies even with a food processor. At most, you may need to drop out some ingredients. But still, you can make a smoothie.

You will use frozen fruits instead of ice for making smoothies with a food processor. As we mentioned above, you will have a different method for making smoothies in a food processor, which we will note below.

How Do You Make a Smoothie Using a Food Processor?

We know smoothies are similar to juices as they are liquid-based. As you are not using any blender, liquid-based ingredients such as water or milk are necessary to make it drinkable. In addition, keep other elements close to you that you will require to make smoothies.

Step 1 —Blend Green Items

First of all, keep the green food items separate and start blending them. Various types of green ingredients you can include in your processor, such as kales, spinach, celery, arugula, and so forth. Such components should be blended first to prevent hiccups.

Step 2 —Add Frozen Items

After blending green items properly, add frozen fruits or ice to it. It will make the smoothie fresh, thick, and cold. You will enjoy it!

If you want to add other regular fruits, you can also do it in this step. This will help you mix and blend all the fruit items evenly to create a beautiful texture.

The ingredients mentioned above can be included in the burrow from the upper level. You have complete control to stop it and push it lower.

 Step 3 —Add Other Ingredients

After including leafy greens and frozen fruits, you can include other food items if you prefer. You can add bee pollen, almond butter, chia seeds, flake, or anything you desire. Try to keep some healthy ingredients to make it a healthy drink apart from being tasty.

Step 4 —Add The Liquid Base

Next, you should include your preferred liquid base to make the smoothies more smooth and drinkable. You can add whole milk, soy milk, or coconut milk.

Adding this type of milk will make your smoothies tasty, creamy, and consistent. Not only this, you have full freedom to add even honey or coffee too.

In addition, yogurt is another effective yet yummy liquid solution to make the smoothie consistent and thicker. If you don’t want to consume additional calories, the best option is to add filtered water.

However, if you think you are okay with a super thick and inconsistent spread, you don’t need to add any liquid base. You can make the smoothie without them.

Step 5 —Add A Sweetener

Now, it is time to add a sweetener to make the smoothie tasty to drink. As you are adding green vegetables, the smoothie may become a little bit bitter.

Adding one or two spoons of agave nectar or maple syrup will make the smoothie sweet. However, if you prefer a more natural option, honey is the best choice.

Besides, if you think you don’t need any sweetener or you have diabetics, you can avoid it too.

Step 6 —Final touch!

After adding all the items properly, give a final touch by blending all the things. When you achieve a perfect texture, you can drink it right away.

Unfortunately, it is a hassle to pour the smoothie from the food processor, unlike blenders, because it doesn’t include any spout. To make the pouring task easy, detach the blades first.

Make sure you drink the smoothie as early as possible to get the maximum nutrition from it.

5 Tips For Making Smoothie In A Food Processor

Can I Make A Smoothie In A Food Processor
Can I Make A Smoothie In A Food Processor


Don’t add all the ingredients at a time. You should know that food processors and blenders don’t function in the same way.

That’s why it is best to add ingredients one by one to create an evenly and consistent texture. Plus, adding all items at a time may stop the processor in the middle.


Avoid overfilling the food processor bowl with lots of liquid. If you intend to feed several people, you should make small batches multiple times.

We know it is a little bit time-consuming, but you have better consistency and better result.


You know, food processors are not as powerful as blenders to crush or blend hard produce.

If you are using too hard ingredients, it is best to pre-crush them to make the smoothie smooth. If not, you may experience some chunky items inside it.


Which one should include ice or frozen fruits? We will suggest you adding frozen fruits as they make the smoothie more thick and tasty.

In addition, adding ice will make the smoothie watery and less thick. However, it can be added if you wish.


Don’t add too many ingredients to your smoothies. Some people think that the more items they add in smoothies, the better it will be.

But actually, it does not. Many health experts suggested adding limited items to your smoothies. However, if you add too many things, you will not receive the optimal amount of nutrition from the smoothies.


Are food processors better at making smoothies than blenders?

Of course not! Blenders are the best option to make smoothies as they have more power than food processors. After all, you need decent motor power to blend all the items smoothly within a short time. You can see the difference by testing on both of them separately.

Should I Own A Food Processor And A Blender?

Both are best in their own way —a food processor will surpass in making some things while a blender will show top-notch performance for others. If you afford to buy both of them, we suggest you do it.

Is It Worth Buying A Food Processor?

Buying a food processor will give you multiple benefits. In fact, it is an essential kitchen appliance for any household. It is the perfect equipment to mix, chop, knead, slice, grind, shred, and much more.

What’s The Difference Between A Food Processor And A Blender?

A food processor is a perfect option when you want to chop, grind, or mix hard produce. On the other hand, a blender is a better option to make liquid-based or smoothies.  Unlike food processors, blenders’ blades are sharper. As a result, they can cut soft and delicate items evenly with no clogging.

Does A Blender Work As A Food Processor?

Many recipes you make in food processors can also be made in a blender. However, making a batch of the recipe is only possible with a bowl of food processors. In that case, changing a few blender settings may be necessary.

However, there is still a unique requirement for food requirement such as pastry or kneading dough, which you can’t make in a blender.

Final Thought

So, are you still wondering about this golden question, “Can I make a smoothie in a food processor?” Of course, making smoothies in food processors is possible. But obviously, you will not get the same results as you will have in a blender.

However, no one can deny that both kitchen appliances for essential for our household. It is better to keep both of them in your house to make different types of recipes.

But if you don’t have the budget or recently damaged your blender, you can use your food processor to make smoothies. The steps listed above must be followed correctly to make the best smoothie.

Hopefully, the food processor smoothie-making instruction has helped you. Thanks for reading! Check out the 10 Best Blenders for Smoothies of 2021 to make easily any liquids you want.

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