How to Cut Seeds Pomegranate in Blender


Are you getting bored of drinking the same fruit juices again and again daily? Not only you. I was also feeling bored; that’s why I tried to make some pomegranate juices. Drinking pomegranate juices will give you several health benefits. However, before that, you need to cut pomegranate seeds to make the perfect juice.

You already have a decent blender, and you may be wondering whether you can use it to cut seeds pomegranate. Thankfully, you can use a blender to chop seeds pomegranate. However, before that, you must how to cut seeds pomegranate in a blender. Only then you can make your favorite juice from it. In this write-up, we will discuss how to chop up seeds pomegranate in a blender. Let’s jump in!

Can You Blend Pomegranate Whole?


How to Cut Seeds Pomegranate in Blenders
How to Cut Seeds Pomegranate in Blender

Like other fruits, you need to peel off pomegranates’ skin; the seeds are the only thing you should focus on. The good news is that pomegranate fruits are available in whole fresh pomegranates, or you can also purchase a large number of pomegranate seeds from your nearby supermarket.

Buying the whole pomegranate is the best option as you will get fresh fruits. However, if you don’t have time to peel off the skin, you can buy frozen seeds too. But make sure you collect it from a reliable source.

How to Cut Seeds Pomegranate in Blender

If you know how to cut seeds pomegranate in a blender, you can enjoy tasty pomegranate juices—all you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to cut seeds pomegranate perfectly and make delicious juice.

Step 1 —Picking Ripe Pomegranates

The prerequisite for making a tasty and fresh juice is what type of fruits you picked. Like mangoes and bananas, you don’t need to pick unripe pomegranates. Instead, you will choose the most ripened pomegranates as they are only eatable when they fully ripen.

But the good news is that most pomegranates come as ripen, which you see in the supermarket. Additionally, make sure to pick pomegranates that are heavier to make more juices.  Avoid picking pomegranates that are shrunken, bruised, or have very delicate smudges.

Step 2 —Washing the Pomegranates

Wash the pomegranates properly in running water to remove all the grease, bacteria. Plus, another practical thing you can do is that keep all the pomegranates in a bowl of full cold water for few minutes. It makes the cutting job easy as the thicker skin becomes soft.

Step 3 —Cutting the Pomegranates

Now use a sharp knife and cut the pomegranates. First of all, you will cut the top of the pomegranates, and you will notice the seeds of pomegranates are visible. Next, you will not mind cutting it into four pieces from the top of the fruit. Cut all the pomegranates evenly.

Step 4 —Breaking the Pomegranates Apart

Now, you will need to break the fruits apart as you have not cut them fully into pieces. Hold the whole pomegranate in one hand and take it apart one by one. Don’t try to force it excessively because it may become messy, or the arils will come out from the thick skin.

Step 5 —Collecting the Pomegranates arils (Seeds)

After breaking the Pomegranates apart, you need to remove the arils (seeds) from them. Kindly pick a medium-sized bowl and take out the seeds from the fruits using a wooden spoon, or you can use your hands to fall them out easily.

There are many soft skins you will notice that comes out along with the seeds. It is time-consuming to separate them one by one. One trick you can follow is taking a pot and filling it out with water. Then pour all the seeds inside it; after a few minutes, you will notice all the white parts will float off the top, and you can easily separate them.

Step 6 — Straining the Seeds

Remove all the soft white skin from the seeds by straining them and collect the fresh seeds from the bowl. You can give the seeds a quick soak to make them more fresh and eatable.

Step 7 — Cutting the Pomegranates Seeds

Now, it is ready to pour inside the blender to cut them smoothly. Cutting Pomegranates Seeds? Feeling odd? When you use a blender to cut pomegranates seeds, you are not blending them thoroughly. Instead, you are cutting the seeds into pieces to collect more juices from the arils.

Here, one thing you should remember that you need to operate the blender at the lowest speed. It will be the best option if your blender has any additional chopping or cutting features. Switch on your blender and run the machine slowly. Monitor and give it a check whether the seeds are being cut thoroughly. Avoid overdoing it.

Step 8 — Collecting the juice

Take a cheesecloth or strainer and pour out all the seeds along with thick juice on it. Place a bowl under the cheesecloth and start squeezing the cloth as much as possible to collect the maximum amount of juices from it.

Don’t forget to clean your favorite blender right away to ensure the most extended lifespan. Once you think no more juice will come, check whether you have gotten a sufficient amount of juice for drinking.

If you think you need more juices, then cut more pomegranates and collect juices from them. Pour the liquid into a bottle. Try some right away to taste the fresh flavor. You can also keep it in the fridge for 7-10 days. Some people prefer to freeze them. But I don’t recommend it as it eliminates the freshness and actual taste of the juice.

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Drinking pomegranate juice will give a bunch of health benefits. Hopefully, now you know how to cut seeds pomegranate in a blender and make delicious juices. You can also use this juice with different smoothies to make them yummier—all you need to follow this simple step and enjoy drinking it right away. Drink healthy! Stay healthy! Live healthily!

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