Vitamix 750 Vs 7500 Review: Which One Is More Preferable?


Vitamix needs no introduction in the blender industry, and it has manufactured several line series. The G-Series is one of the best-known series in the marketplace. In the article, we will sum up a differentiation between Vitamix 750 Vs 7500 review. Both models have excellent durability and can show top-level performance. If you are feeling confused about choosing a particular one, then this article is for you.

We will sum up the dissimilarities, similarities, various features, prices, blending power, and much more. After going through the whole write-up, you will able to pick the correct one based on your preference. Let’s dive in!

vitamix 750 vs 7500 review

  • The Vitamix 750 is a regular model, while the Vitamix 7500 is a high-end model.
  • Both models are different in color in the base stations.
  • The Vitamix 7500 lacks presets functions, unlike the 7500 unit.
  • The Vitamix 750 is an expensive option than the 7500 model; at least $100 differences between them.

Sameness between Vitamix 750 and Vitamix 7500

  • Both models are equipped with a type cooler motor.
  • They have a similar pulse feature.
  • Each blender has the same ten speeds setting on the button surface.
  • Both models have a similar container with a low-profile design.
  • Each of them has an identical cookbook as they are from the same company.
  • Both models have similar blades.
  • Each blender comes with a 7-year limited warranty.
  • The tallness of both models is entirely the same; each of them is 17.5 inches tall.

Vitamix 750 accessories

Pros & Cons

Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 7500
  • • Low price than 750
  • • Several speed settings
  • • Robust quality
  • • 64-ounce pitcher
  • • No heat up issue
  • • Users need to understand the functions

Vitamix 750 accessories

Vitamix 750

Vitamix 750
Vitamix 750 Smoothie Blender
  • • Ten-speed settings
  • • Sturdy quality
  • • Pre-programmed functions
  • • 64-ounces capacity
  • • Operates quietly
  • • No heating issue
  • • Expensive than the 7500

Comparison between Vitamix 750 Vs Vitamix 7500

You have already known some similarities between Vitamix 750 Vs Vitamix 7500, but there are many differences too between them. They are mainly designed for different users — one model may be perfect for you, while the other model may be ideal for me.

1. Blades

Let’s first talk about the blades. They are one of the major parts that can help you to blend or grind food items. The G-series models from Vitamix come with an improved design for blades.

However, the company didn’t change the blade-style— they are super sharp, stainless steel, and laser cut. The only change they implemented is the diameter of the blades. They were extended to four inches instead of three inches.

Though both blade angles between two units are almost identical, The Vitamix 750 blades have a slightly lower profile. But still, it doesn’t make any difference to perform them equally.

The blades work efficiently to mix the food items evenly with the support of a powerful motor. The motor helps the blades to spin in the fastest manner at peak power.

Verdict: It is tied round since both models have the same blades

2. Motors

Powerful motors make the blender powerful. Vitamix always introduces a new generation motor when they the latest G-Series model. That’s why both models followed the footprints.

The units are powerful & robust, and they have an almost sound-free operation. Also, they can work continuously in the long run with the fan cooling and sound damping system.

Even the most challenging ingredients become the easiest for these beasts. Some rumors spread that they can blend iPhones too!

Both models have a 2.2 horsepower motor to do their blending job efficiently with the help of stainless steel blades. Moreover, all the older models had 2.0 horsepower motors until these two units are launched. They have long-lasting durability to last several years easily.

Verdict: This is another round where both models won as they have the same type of motors.

3. Standard versus Professional

Customers always prefer to own professional things as they think it is better than regular products. However, it is not always true; consumers often get deceived due to marketing tactics.

The Vitamix 750 blender is known as professional due to its 300-page cookbook. The recipe book will help professional chefs to make perfect dishes by following the given presents on the book to prevent excessive blending.

So what about the Vitamix 7500? Is that your question? I got you! It comes with a 200 pages recipe book. But the 100 pages differences make it standard while the other one is professional. Cool thing! Right?

Verdict: You can consider the Vitamix 750 blender as the winner since it has more recipes included than the other model.

4. Controls

At first, you may think both models are the same as they have an identical design. But what you are unaware of is that they have different settings and control systems.

The Vitamix 7500 features three control knobs and a pulse toggle. The pulse toggle helps to pulse the blades; it makes the job easier by eliminating repeated turning on/off the switch. However, this single positioned button will turn off itself automatically when users don’t press it to stay in the pulse position.

Another toggle switch is the power button, and it can stay in an accessible position since it is a dual position switch. It is not going to work if the button is off. But when you turn the switch in on position, the unit will start doing the blending job.

A 10 setting variable dial is included in the middle of the two toggles. You have to put the dial at a specific speed, and the blades will start blending the items. The higher the speed dial you choose, the faster the blades will spin.

The main dissimilarity between Vitamix 750 Vs 7500 regarding controls is the speed dial. Aside from having ten-speed settings, the Vitamix 750 comes with additional five positions to place the dial. These functions not only help you to determine how fast it will spin but also how much time it will spin. Once the run time is completed, the machine will automatically stop.

Hot Soup, Smoothies, Puree, Frozen Desserts, and Cleaning are the five settings users can select. When you turn on the hot soup option, it will automatically heat the liquids to make it hot.

Verdict: We will rank the Vitamix 750 at a higher position than another model as it has additional presets options.

5. Container Capacity

Both models come with a low-profile 64-ounce container. Before launching these models, the company used to offer slightly taller pitchers. But customers didn’t like them because these units would not fit perfectly on the kitchen countertop.

That’s why the company changed the design and introduced a low-profile design to make it wider but less tall. Older version blenders had almost 20.25 inches in height, where these two blenders are 17.5 inches tall.

Verdict: Since both pitchers have the same holding capacity and height, it is a tie situation.

6. Price

Price is a significant factor because purchasing a blender is a long-term investment. The Vitamix 750 will cost almost $600, while the Vitamix 7500 has a $530 price. However, you have already known that the Vitamix 750 has some additional preset options and a 300 recipes cookbook. Also, the 750 model comes with a tamper. You need to spend extra money to buy the temper and a cookbook which has more recipes.

Verdict: If you don’t want additional setting options, the tamper, and the 300 recipes cookbook, the Vitamix 7500 is the winner for you.

7. Automatic cleaning system

Both blenders have a self-cleaning mechanism, but the Vitamix 7500 is slightly better than the other option.

Cleaning them is super simple; all you need to add a few quarters of warm water, few drops of soap, and switch on the machine at low speed. Also, make sure you have secured the lid to avoid unnecessary spilling. Increase the speed gradually until the foamy blend reaches the top level of the container. After that, please switch off the machine and rinse it well on running water.

It is better to clean the pitcher manually after using the self-cleaning system five or six times. It will prevent grease and bacteria build-up.

As for the Vitamix 750, it comes with a dial for cleaning, unlike Vitamix 7500. It makes the cleaning job more manageable as you don’t need to stand close to monitor your own cleaning process.

However, for Vitamix 7500, you will turn on the standard-setting option for automatic clean. But you need to monitor it closely for a fresh clean like 750.

Verdict: The Vitamix 750 wins as it features a separate cleaning option.

8. Versatility

Both models are highly versatile as users can make a variety of dishes. Whether you want to make juices, smoothies, batters, baby foods, or even hot liquids, they are suitable for all.

However, the Vitamix 750 is the best option for soup lovers as it features a preset button to make tasty soup quickly.

Verdict: The Vitamix 750 is a preferable option if you want to make hot soups. Otherwise, you go for the 7500.

9. Color

The Vitamix 7500 blender comes with more color choices than the Vitamix 750. The 750 has two color options: pearl-grey and black. On the contrary, the Vitamix 7500 has three color choices: bright red, classic black, and white. This comparison actually depends on customers’ preferences. For example, one color option is only available, but customers liked it. Problem solved!

Verdict: If users want more color options, then the Vitamix 7500 is the winner.

10. Sound

It is natural to make noise for blenders. But that doesn’t mean it will make intolerable noise that your family will wake up from sleep the moment you turned on the machine. Thankfully, both models have less noise than cheap blenders.

Thanks to its noise dampening shield and it helps to reduce the noise level. However, it makes some high sound when you grind hard foods or crush ices. But the intolerable sound!

One thing we want to share with you that you are using a blender only for a few minutes or the highest 1-2 hours every day. So the sound will not annoy will all day long. But still, we understand some sound-sensitive people can’t withstand high noise levels.

Though many customers think the 750 is slightly quieter than the 7500. However, we didn’t find any difference. We are leaving this decision in your hand as we found both of them make the same noise level.

Verdict: Either no winner or both winners because both of them make similar level noise.

11. Durability

As for durability, no model is inferior to any model. Both Vitamix blenders come with a 7-year warranty. With appropriate maintenance and carefulness, they can even survive more than the warranty period. Both blenders are made from the same materials; they will have almost the same lifespan if you use them in an identical way.

Verdict: It is a draw situation since they are made from the same brand and same quality.

12.Weight difference

The Vitamix 750 weighs only 12.5 pounds, while the Vitamix 7500 has a 13 pounds weight. The weight difference is merely noticeable. But we found Vitamix 750 is lighter than Vitamix 7500, even though the difference is only 0.5 pounds.

As a result, if you prefer to purchase a lightweight blender, go for the Vitamix 750 blender. It will be trouble-free for users to move the unit smoothly. However, if a slight weight difference doesn’t matter to you or you don’t want to move it, you can also choose the Vitamix 7500 blender.

Verdict: The Vitamix 750 is the winner based on portability.

What I like About the Vitamix 750

Most people love the presets of Vitamix 750, which makes it stand out from other options. Also, we liked its high-end performance to make typical foods without thinking too much about the procedure. Aside from that, its motor power is another impressive thing, which operates quietly and efficiently.

What I like About the Vitamix 7500

From my perspective, the best thing about the Vitamix 7500 is that it has consistent blending power. Whether you put hard foods or soft foods, it performs equally for all. It is a top-of-the-line blender, which can show high-performance for most ingredients. This multi-functional and versatile blender merely got any complaints from the customers.


Which one is quieter between Vitamix 750 Vs Vitamix 7500?

They make almost the same sound level; however, some people think the Vitamix 750 makes more sound than the other model.

What is the primary difference between Vitamix 750 Vs Vitamix 7500review?

The Vitamix 7500 comes with five preset switches, but the other doesn’t have any preset option. It is the primary dissimilarity between these two powerful blenders.

Can you make smoothies using the best Vitamix 750 blenders?

Obviously, you can make high-quality smoothies because it comes with several preset options for that purpose.

How many pitchers are included with the Vitamix 750 and 7500 blenders?

Both models come with only one 64-ounces pitcher; it has a low-profile design to store under the countertop perfectly.

Can I make small batches of food using the container?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is better not to fill the container entirely.

vitamix 750 vs 7500: Final Thought

It is surprising to think that you will lose for picking a particular one. Both blenders are high-end models, and they can show tough competition with professional blenders. Hence, you will be a winner for either option you choose.

Nevertheless, you need to go in one way. We will suggest you go for the Vitamix 750 if you want additional presets functions. On the other hand, if you are okay without preset functions, you have no reason to overlook the Vitamix 7500 model.

So which one you already decided to purchase? If you are looking for other latest Vitamix models, don’t forget to check our 5 Best Vitamix Blenders of 2021. Thanks for the patience in reading the whole article.

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